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124pcs Macaroon Blue Balloon Garland Kit Baby Shower Decorations for Boys

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  • SUPER BALLOON GARLAND KIT This balloon garland kit includes 2 pcs 36inch latex macaron balloon, 2pcs 18inch golden 4D balloon, 2pcs 15inch golden 4D balloon, 33pcs 12inch latex balloon(mintcream, blue, confetti), 45pcs 10inch latex balloon(blue, mintcream, golden 4D), 15pcs confetti latex balloon, 1 roll of 16 feets arch balloon strip tape, 1 roll of 100 glue dots. Abundant colorful balloons must be able to satisfy your needs.
  • FUN DIY BALLOON Making your own design balloon arch, easily create a show stopping balloon masterpiece at any of your celebrations with your friends! You can enjoy DIY balloon process with your friends and leave an amazing work!
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE It takes only a few simple steps to assemble the balloon arch kit and show an impressive balloon arch. Simply inflate the balloon, stuff the knot into the hole of the balloon arch chain, match different colors, blow different sizes, like our picture, so the garland will look gorgeous. You can suspend it from the ceiling, tape it to the wall or drape it for a party backdrop.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION This balloon arch kit can be used in many occasions. Whether it’s for a baby shower, birthday party, wedding shower, anniversary, graduation party or sweet 16 this balloon arch kit will look amazing in every setting.

Details: A garland balloon kit fits for many occasion, you can have your own unique design according to your different needs. Blue Balloons Instruction 1. You can blow up with air with balloon inflator and balloon knot tying tool in different size, because mixed up size balloons would look more gradation of whole vision. We don't recommend that you use helium to inflate, after all, you use these balloons to build a balloon garland. 2. Insert into plastic balloon strip, one balloon insert in one hole. 3. Hang up onto wall, door, windows, table or any other place you like. 4. Have a smile and take a pretty picture to record that happy moment. Package includes: 2 x 36inch latex balloons 2 x 18inch golden 4D balloon 2 x 15inch golden 4D balloon 33 x 12 inch latex balloons 45 x 10 inch latex balloons 20 x 5 inch latex balloons 1 Roll of balloon strips 1 Roll of balloon glue points Specification: Balloon color: light blue, Mintcream , confetti Balloon tape strip size: 5 m/ 16.4 feet Balloon glue points: 100 pieces in totally NON-TOXIC & SAFE: Our party balloons are made of natural latex. They are certificated non-toxic and are safe to use. You can buy with confidence. PLEASE NOTE 1.When you open your package, the color effect of the balloons with change for the better once they are inflated. 2.DO NOT overfill the balloon and also avoid sunburn, overheat, pointed object and over friction. 3. Since the size and number of balloons are numerous, you need some patience to build a very beautiful balloon garland.


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