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95pcs Casino Party Decorations Game Night Balloons Garland

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  • Gambler's dream:Maybe you like Texas Hold'em, maybe you like other poker games. Las Vegas may be the dream of many men. Now, let's use balloons to realize this environment. A casino themed party.
  • Casino Theme Party Decorations Include:1set casino game banner;8pcs poker pattern latex balloons;4pcs 24cin poker foil balloons;50pcs 10in latex balloons;25pcs 5in latex balloons;balloon chain,100-glue,ribbon.
  • Color matching: we choose red and black as the main colors. I believe that people who play poker like to see them. The use of balloon chain is very simple. After all balloons are inflated and knotted, they are bound one by one. After that, you can use it to make straight lines, curves, arcs and other shapes.
  • High quality: we use thickened latex balloons to make you feel more at ease in the process of inflation, but please don't inflate too much. Generally, you can inflate to 22-25cm.
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